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Book Review and Interview: Spark, by Rupert Dreyfus

By Amy Holland Transgressive fiction writer Rupert Dreyfus, from England, made two strong new fans in the U.S. recently as both I and Dorian Box (author of Psycho-Tropics) read his debut novel, Spark.  Full of dark humor, insane plot twists, and quirky characters—just...

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Psycho-Tropics Gets IndieReader Seal of Approval

Check out the great new review of Psycho-Tropics from IndieReader Reviews. Four-and-a-half stars earned an official IndieReader seal of approval. Here's an excerpt:: Throughout the novel clues are tossed out like bait, twisting and turning the storyline along, but are...

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Finding Your Perfect Writing Atmosphere

By Dorian Box A friend asked where and how I like to write. “Let me guess,” she said. “With all the insanity in Psycho-Tropics, an asylum!” “Nope. Tried while I was there, but it was too noisy.” Just kidding. A wealth of articles and blog posts discuss how to create...

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2015 Writer's Digest Award Winner in Genre Fiction

A high school reunion in a South Florida town unburies the past (literally), launching a lottery-winning surfer with a terrible secret on a twisted race through the Sunshine State to save a missing woman, and his soul. Heart and dark humor combine with manic action and plot twists in this unhinged tale of revenge and redemption, where everyone has something to hide and nothing is what it seems.
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