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Why Use a Pen Name as a Writer?

By Dorian Box A difficult decision in publishing Psycho-Tropics was whether to use my real name or a pseudonym or "pen name." There are good reasons and bad reasons for using a pen name.  Bad reasons include thinking you can get away with libeling people or invading...

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Interview with Dorian Box

Q.  Dorian, first I have to tell you how much I LOVE Psycho-Tropics! A.  Thanks so much, Amy.  As my good friend and publicist, it would be weird if you didn't. Q.  So Dorian Box is a pen name.  Why do writers use pen names? A.  Depends on the writer.  [See Dorian's...

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Download Psycho-Tropics Press Release

Download a press release for Psycho-Tropics and share it with your friends and enemies! Editorial Review Excerpts: “An engaging thriller with plenty of humor, good characterization, and a memorable villain …” — Kirkus Reviews “Marrying humor with suspense is not easy,...

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2015 Writer's Digest Award Winner in Genre Fiction

A high school reunion in a South Florida town unburies the past (literally), launching a lottery-winning surfer with a terrible secret on a twisted race through the Sunshine State to save a missing woman, and his soul. Heart and dark humor combine with manic action and plot twists in this unhinged tale of revenge and redemption, where everyone has something to hide and nothing is what it seems.
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