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Editorial Review Excerpts:

“An engaging thriller with plenty of humor, good characterization, and a memorable villain …” — Kirkus Reviews

“Marrying humor with suspense is not easy, but it comes across masterfully …. A truly enjoyable read.” — Judge, 23rd Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards (2015 Award Winner in Genre Fiction)

“Psycho-Tropics is like riding Pipeline with a hangover. It’s jaw dropping, heart thumping and addictively exhilarating, but with a hint of disorientation, dizziness and an unsettled stomach. But by the end you’ll be smiling ear to ear and bursting to tell your mates how good it was.” — Andrew Norton, Surfer Dad UK

“A genuinely creepy sadist is the high point of Box’s dark thriller set in Florida in 1995.” — Publishers Weekly

“[T]he characters are brilliantly constructed, each one with their own quirks and flaws that might seem unbelievable handled by a less adept writer. The dark humor is witty and serves to lessen the tension in all the right ways before it heightens again. … PSYCHO-TROPICS effortlessly captures the wonderful eccentricities of life in South Florida (not to mention in other parts of the state) and offers a dose of oddball humor.” — IndieReader Reviews (Official Seal of Approval)

“There are so many things to rave about with this book. … But top of my list is that Psycho-Tropics is reminiscent of all the top hardboiled crime writers I love (think Hammett and Woolrich), but with a darker, more humorous edge. … An outstanding debut novel with a lot of heart and soul. So much so it’s going in my top 10 reads for being an example of how good indie novels can be.” — Rupert Dreyfus, Author of Spark and The Rebel’s Sketchbook.

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