Cover of Publishers Weekly issue containing Psycho-Tropics ReviewPublishers Weekly reviewed Psycho-Tropics in its October 26, 2015 issue.  Here’s a link to the review.  The notice came with a letter saying “[o]f the hundreds of self-published titles received each month, only a handful of the very best are selected for review.”  Thanks, Publishers Weekly.

So far, we’ve heard from readers naming the following characters as their “favorite”:

Danny Teakwell (protagonist)

Sari Hunter (Danny’s lifelong love)

Bennie “Fink” Finkel (Danny’s pill-popping lawyer)

Jessica Jewell (seven-year-old embalming expert who assists in the case)

Publishers Weekly Review of Psycho-TropicsAnd then, of course, there’s Jaxon Kempler, the cheerful “above average” psychopath, lover of 70s pop songs, quality consumer products (especially those useful for murder), and things divisible by three.

Publishers Weekly is an apparent Kempler fan: “A genuinely creepy sadist is the high point of Box’s dark thriller set in Florida in 1995.”

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