Psycho-Tropics coverTired of the same old Halloween movies? Great as they are, we’ve seen them a million times, Halloween, Friday the 13thScream …

Read a scary book instead!  Here are 13 classics listed by Goodreads.

Then, of course, there’s always Psycho-Tropics.

Some classify Psycho-Tropics in the “horror” genre, although it’s not, or at least not intended to be.  It’s a mystery thriller, a love story even.

On the other hand, Psycho-Tropics does feature graveyards, embalming techniques, and cheerful psychopath Jaxon Kempler.

If you’re looking for a chill up the spine or a laugh in the dark, check out Psycho-Tropics. Meanwhile, “Have an ‘above-average’ Halloween!  Haaahaaahaaa.”  (Sorry, Kempler slipped that in.)

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